How To Create A Blog & Blog Entries

Marc Ocean

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Create a Blog:
A blog is a customizable list of blog entries / blog posts (blog entries = real content).
  1. Go to the Blog Index Page
  2. Click Create Blog
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Open the hamburger menu on mobile to find 420 Blogs.

Select "Is community blog" if you want other members to post blog entries in your blog. Do not select it if you want to be the only person who publishes content in your blog.

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Choose the Blog Entry list layout type on how you'd like to customize the appearance of your blog entry listings via Misc Options. After publishing your blog, you can then proceed to post blog entries to it (keep reading).

Create a Blog Entry:
A blog entry is the blog post content. You can add as many blog entries to a blog.
  1. After creating a blog, click Post Entry.
  2. Select one of the blogs (either your blog or a community blog)
Note: Don't rely on auto save. Save as a draft under Publishing options.

Marc Ocean

420 Staff
New Blog Entries & New Blog Entry Comments can be found via What's New

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If on mobile:
  1. Tap on the hamburger menu (top-left)
  2. Tap on 420 Blogs
  1. Tap on the hamburger menu (top-left)
  2. Tap arrow on What's New
  3. Tap either New Blog Entries OR New Blog Entry Comments
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