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@Bill284 nICE pICTURE LOL ALMOST AS NICE AS MY CAPS KEY well just wanted to touch base after a week of tending to everyone in the house sitting on the hopper with a bucket as puke and shit pour out both ends Hell week is over. How are things with you guys hope all is well. I got 5 plants in solo cups 2 have popped above ground and im checking the other 3 every 15 minutes Hope the others break thru soon I guess if I want them to pop up. I need to start 2 more for back ups and the originals will pop up and ill have 2 plants extra. or I could be patient . How did you make those little supports you used to stabilize your babies last time? I want to use them and see if I can get a little taller before I start getting side branches.

I had a better harvest than I expected the weed is amazing I havent smoked it bu7t just the amount of trichomes and sooooo sticky I was constantly cleaning my snips with alcohol the tent smells like fresh cut grass in a pile of tangerine peels so I think they are doing the breaking down of the chlorophyll.
any way arenty ya glad I dont run to ya 5 times a day with my hair on fire? you prolly have 5 new people keeping ya hopping now .
you are a good man Just wanted to drop a line and say hey
Talk to ya soon
Stay safe
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You poor duck.
That’s rough, hope everyone is feeling better.
I’ll post a pic in my threads of the horseshoe pins.
Talk soon.
I took a good tolerance break from weed for almost a year… :smokin:

Oops… too late, no backing out now [shrugs]
Made the switch to 20/4 yesterday. Inserted a new heater which should bring my temps up. I'm fighting the elements being outside and trying to find the right balance when the temps and humidity drop through the night 👌🏻✌🏻
one more done well buddy I planned on harvesting next weekend took a look and realized I need to harvest this weekend lots of amber and cloudy and found a few that were starting to degrade almost black. this is old stuff to you ,being able to harvest once a month man they need to fix our laws you grow more at one time Than I can all year lol; But I wanted to thank you for your help and support. now ya get to watch my hair catch on fire over living soil lol actully this will probably be the easiest grow Ive done allI gotta do is water it lol. How far are you from your first harvest from the vivohut?

Hope all is well Ill talk to ya soon
Stay safe
I had a wierd situation on all the sour tangy diesels when I started getting trichomes and smell there were some trichomes that from the naked eye it looked like tan/orange I had a larf bud that was covered with then it smelled so strong like tangerine it made me sneeze I thought bud rot at first but is wasnt mold I wish I had got a pic but I scrapped it off with my fingernail and it was like it was part of the bud you ever hear of anything like that? Im learning to watch what I ask or ya get 17 different answers I feel better just asking you those questions. 55 plants wow I could use all my seeds lol
I've seen things on buds I never identified.
Could be environmental or genetic.
Unfortunately without a pic. :rolleyes:
I ran clones 20 a month usually.
Once I got my genetics I stopped buying seeds.
You have a few good ones. :thumb:
Good morning to you Bill (Kent, UK).

Not sure If you remember but we briefly spoke about 5 or 6 weeks ago, I guess. I was on MG and Glookies Auto. With a very scrapbook set up 😂

Well, I am much further down the line but have been pre occupied with hospital appointments etc as we have a new addition to the family on the way. My set up is now complete. I'm very happy with it and I'm at a very late stage where I'm keeping tabs on trichomes and researching flushing.

Whilst I began with two autos, at five weeks I planted another two in the same tent. 2/3 weeks later I switched to 12/12 to get the bigger of the ladies flowering - but accidently encouraged the younger two to flower. So I've got 4 beasts out there with big juicy colas.

I guess I was hoping at this stage you could answer a few of my questions and maybe give some solid advice on the flushing process too. I ask you because I have religiously followed the watering/nuting process you advised me on, amongst other tips you taught me. For that I'm very grateful
Hey @StonedCrumpet :ciao:
My apologies for the late reply. :Namaste:
Congratulations on the upcoming baby, hope everything goes well.
I've a new puppy, a little devil.
It's been a crazy week.
Glad your garden is going well.
Do you have a journal going.
I hate talking here, it's a pain.
But I'd love to help in any way I can.
We can use purple pics to chat and get a plan together for you.
If you don't have a journal.
I'll tag you but it's in my signature.
Ok I'll head there now.
When you get a minute we can go over all your questions. :thumb:
Talk soon my friend.
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